About us

On the beautiful Cycladic island of Sifnos pottery maintains its significance in people’s everyday lives throughout the ages.
Every single Sifnian person has found himself in one of the many traditional workshops on the island, playing with the clay. If the urge to touch and work the clay is natural for adults you can imagine the pleasure a child can experience as soil and water are intimately related to happier and creativity.
This gave us the idea to create a studio in which both adults and children of all ages and skill levels can drop in and enjoy creating with clay and ceramics. A great opportunity for children to explore their artistic – and fun! – sides with clay and for grown – ups to rediscover the child inside them.
Painting a bisque piece gives us the chance to create a personal souvenir or gift from the island of potters, Sifnos.

How it works?

In “Pilotechnio” the only things you should have with you are your creativity and your good spirit (kefi). We have a wide selection of ready-made “blank” bisque pieces for you to enjoy painting and decorating. You select the items you would like to paint from ourselves and we provide you with all the necessary tools (colors, stencils, paintbrushes etc.). We are always there to assist with any ideas and suggestions that may aid your creativity!
You paint it, we glaze it and fire it in our kiln on the promises and you can pick it about 20 hours later. In case of departure we can send it to you anywhere in Greece.

Who is it for?

“Pilotechnio” is for everybody. The variety of the bisque pieces, however, increases the levels of difficulty. From the age of 3 to the age of 103 everybody can draw!
Children with their parents, groups of friends, young or adult couples will be able to enjoy themselves creating their own masterpieces.